Our History

Varouj is one of Canada’s foremost award-winning jewellery designers

Armenian by birth, Varouj Tabakian studied under an international group of master craftsmen in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and honed his skills in Paris, Switzerland and London before settling in Toronto in the mid-seventies.

Soon after Varouj established his Toronto studio, he began to win many design awards. He developed a reputation as one of Canada’s finest and foremost talented jewellery designers and is the proud recipient of:

  • 1980 Editors Choice Canadian Jeweller
  • 1981-82 1st and Grand Prize – De Beer’s Diamond To-Day Award
  • 1982 Editors Choice Canadian Jeweller
  • 1982-83 Gold Medal – Canada’s Most Talented Jewellery Design Award
  • 1983-84 De Beer’s Diamond To-Day Award
  • 1985-86 De Beer’s Diamond To-Day Award
  • 1987-88 De Beer’s Diamond To-Day Award
  • 1988 De Beer’s International Finalist
  • 1989-90 De Beer’s Diamond To-Day Award
  • 1992 Editors Choice Canadian Jeweller
  • 2006, 2007 & 2008 Canadian Jeweller’s Excellence in Design
  • 2013 Canadian Jeweller's Excellence in Design

Luminaries such as renowned classical musician Liona Boyd; National Ballet of Canada artistic director Karen Kain; and former Canadian Prime Minister The Right Honourable Kim Campbell are among his clients.

Past commissions include a letter opener for Unicef Ambassador and actor Sir Peter Ustinov, a gold watchband for The Right Honourable Pierre Trudeau and a life-size gold basketball created for a select client in San Francisco.


Over the years many Canadians including dignitaries, celebrities, sports personalities and members of the general public like me have trusted Varouj with custom work which he has meticulously executed with professionalism and in the highest quality of craftsmanship, precious metals, diamonds and quality gemstones–Adom Knadjian, President, B&S (Canada) Inc.

I have known Varouj Tabakian since 1990. I treasure the exquisite pieces Varouj has designed and crafted for me as well as a one-of-a-kind piece for my husband.–Catherine Sproule, COO, Responsible Jewellery Council

Jewellery by Varouj has been an important and special part of our lives for over 30 years and is the only place we consider for any celebratory gift because we know we will get excellence and top quality craftsmanship. You can both see it and feel it in every magnificent creation. They are timeless and one of a kind pieces that truly stand the test of time.–Vince and Sandra Giordano

Varouj is a true master craftsman when it comes to jewellery design. Each piece that he designs is a true work of art, created to perfection.–Manager, Canadian Jeweller’s Excellence in Design Awards

Varouj Tabakian is one of Canada’s best known jewellery designers, and as one of Canada’s foremost artists, he has also garnered considerable international renown. As a result, Varouj has been awarded every major honour that our industry has to offer. –David Ritter President & CEO Canadian Jewellers Association

We have known Varouj for many years and over that period of time, he has created several unique and very beautiful pieces of jewellery for us.–Karen Kain and Ross Petty

Varouj is the jeweller’s jeweller. His artistry, creativity and ingenuity are second to none. Twenty years ago, he made our stunning wedding rings, and we have been clients ever since. Wearing Varouj’s designs is a pleasure. The recipe for his beautiful creations includes extraordinary skill and craftsmanship, as well as a large sprinkling of heart and soul.–Pam and Ted Minden

Thanks to my daughter Carolyne, who introduced my family to Varouj, all of us now are his customers, and it is more than 25+ years that he continues to amaze us with the remarkable pieces he produces to our satisfaction, and more than that he out performs every time. He is a true Master of his art!!–Yvonne Rodrigues